Clutter doesn’t have to be a stressor in your life!

Clutter is one of the main sources of chaos, and having a home that isn’t a “disaster” is 100% possible when you know what to do instead of avoiding the problem because of overwhelm, lack of direction and decision fatigue.

To the moms whose children are independent, who know the next chapter of life will be clear when YOUR mind and home are organized:  

“An Organized Life is the fastest and simplest way to get crystal clear on what is important to you without all the chaos and clutter clouding your mind and home”.

If you are like most of the people I have worked with, clutter most likely gets you so overwhelmed you don’t take action, you don’t know where to start and you may even think that decluttering is about the things so you try to declutter just to find yourself in the same place a few weeks or months later.  

What I’m going to show you is that you cannot declutter JUST your physical spaces and how simple it is to declutter when you learn the holistic tools (inside out approach) and simple skills that will help you:

Find more peace in your home and mind

Focus on what’s really important instead of constantly feeling pulled in all different directions

Connect with yourself and other


I understand how easy it is to be living with a home full of things that have meaning (or not), be inundated with THINGS all the time, feeling emotionally attached to past memories, and still desire a home that feels refreshing and welcoming.  

I have helped countless people become really clear on what is most important to them so that they can really connect to their children, their family and themselves so that they can truly be happy and not clouded by STUFF.

It’s not your fault that you feel overwhelmed.  You most likely have never learned how to declutter and organize and as life carries on and things come into your space, it gets harder and harder to stay on top of it all.

The other decluttering “experts” are not teaching a holistic approach either. They are helping you get rid of your clutter but they are not digging deeper to give you the lasting effects, connect with your true reasons for where the clutter comes from and connect to your WHY for letting go of clutter.

You can declutter on your own. Perhaps you have tried. A year ago today, were you in the same boat as you are today? How many times have you tried to declutter and fizzled out?

If free resources on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube were effective, everyone would be living in their dream home TODAY, free from clutter, free from chaos, free from guilt and embarrassment. But it’s not about the clutter.

The Organize Life Program digs deeper into YOU.

This is a summary (not inclusive) of each module.

Unlocking Your Inner Drive: The Power of Connecting to Your WHY and Living by Your Values!

“If you don’t know what you stand for, you’ll fall for anything”.  

The reason why so many of us are pulled in multiple, unfulfilling directions is because there is TOO much noise distracting us from our compass.  

You’ll play a very thought provoking game in a group setting that will help you find your compass.

You’ll participate in an exercise that will look into your future and chart a personalized plan for this program and beyond.

Breaking Free from the Chains of Self-Doubt: How to Conquer Feelings of Inferiority and Embrace Your Unwavering Worth!

She remembered who she was and the game changed.” 

We cannot love our home and others if we have constant feelings of inadequacy.  

You’ll learn meditation and receive a book recommendation.

You’ll discover an Eastern-Medicine tool that makes us feel safe when our emotions feel scary and uncomfortable.

Crush the Chaos: Mastering the Art of Overcoming Overwhelm!

The most impactful module according to the Founding Members.

You’ll learn a simple tool that will help you combat overwhelm not just in decluttering but in all areas of your life. 

Transforming Your Life: The Triad of Habits, Identity, and Decisions for Unstoppable Success!

You’ll learn research based habit tools, digging into your identity and why we do what we do.

You’ll discover the litmus test for making decisions easier and more direct.

Clearing the Clutter: Harnessing the Power of Your Emotions to Transform Your Space and Your Life!

Humans are emotional beings.  We most often base buying decisions on emotions.  Marketing companies appeal to our emotions to get us to buy.  

You’ll gain a deeper understanding of your emotions and how they connect to all parts of your world.

Empower Your Life: Unleashing Your Inner Strength to Take Back Control and Live Life on Your Own Terms!
The Secret to Unlocking the Universe: How to Master the Universal Laws and Harness Them for a Fulfilling Life!
Discovering the Depths of You: Journeying Inward to Connect with Your True Self and Unleash Your Full Potential!

The program consists of 8 modules, weekly zoom calls, homework and many exercises to help implement and integrate what you will hear and learn.


What you can expect in the Organized Life Program


To create a personalized plan to organize your space that is inspiring and empowering to you


To create a clear path towards your next phase of life that lights you up


To invite more flow and freedom into your life


To let go with ease, grace and understanding


To define and separate the value of your clutter


To move forward with certainty, decisiveness and intention


To train your mind


To dig deep into the “why” of your disorganization

In addition, you will always have access to The Organized Life program as it gets updated and VIP access to any future bonuses or additional tools created through or outside of the program.

Dirk S. was a Founding Member and had this to say:

"Having this course, having access to all that now, you can't find a course like this anywhere else...money well spent. Definitely do it. You'll learn so much. You'll get what you put into it. It was really valuable and you'll have a set of resources to last a lifetime."

Stacey S. described The Organized Program as:

"I think that the tools that you shared...got me from being stuck and not wanting to move forward because of overwhelm into being able to take action even if it was small action so I'm seeing in the efforts of my actions now. I have more energy and the space is better energy and I'm very happy with what we accomplished.

I would say if you're struggling with clutter and overwhelm in your home or in your life that this program can help you tackle that and Take Back Control and bring back some needed space.

It's nice to have other people doing the same thing you're doing and encourage each other."

Carol K. was a Founding Member and said:

"I love The Organize Life Program. It has given me really helpful tools that I will continue to use. Jump in with both feet. It's helped me face my clutter. I don't give up, I continue now. Before I would not even start on decluttering but now I know that 5 minutes is better than not doing 30 minutes."

You might be thinking

I look forward to seeing you in The Organized Life Program.