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Do you want to learn how to get rid of your clutter for good and how to live a more empowering joyful life?

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Do you want me to come into your home and help you organize your physical space?

Invite my 15 years of experience into your home to create an environment that leaves you feeling proud and clear in your mind.


‚ĚĚ We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. ‚Ěě

- Albert Einstein

How We Can Get Started Working Together...

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A decluttered home is a key piece to our mental and physical health. This podcast pulls together tips for decluttering, mental health, habits, motivation and some spiritual "woo" in the mix.

Join me every week for on my podcast to learn more about a Decluttered Home.



FREE Consultation

Not sure where to start or if hiring a Professional Organizer is right for you?

‚ÄčA no-obligation (and yes, I really mean that) initial consult may be what you need to gain some clarity.

‚ÄčOften clients find energy and ideas during these consults that get them started, which is often what you need.



If you are tackling a larger project or whole home, savings can be realized by purchasing a package.

Payable at the commencement of the project.
‚Äč10 Hours = $700 (savings of $50)
20 Hours = $1400 (savings of $100)

‚ÄčHours in addition to the packages are billed at our hourly rate of $75 an hour.


Virtual and Zoom Organizing

Decluttering by yourself can be overwhelming and daunting.  Having an accountability coach, and face-to-face meetings that unblock your decisions and keep you moving and productive while you create the home that you love so that you can spend time on the things that matter to you.

This is a cost-effective method as it is billed in one hour increments and each subsequent call is 30-minutes.



If you are like most of my clients, a cluttered home has you feeling anxious, overwhelmed and stressed out.  Having professional help to guide you, keep you on task and help make decisions WITH you will go a very long way to how you feel about your home.

If you are really serious about having more time and freedom, you have a choice to make.  Keep doing what you're doing or take action so that you have space to breathe.


Public Speaking

Clutter can hinder productivity and creativity.  If your office requires a motivational and educational discussion to help with clear clutter, this is for you. 

Tailored to meet your needs, this workshop includes a follow-up meet-and-greet or Q&A session.



Hi, I'm so glad to meet you!

My name is Stephanie Cordova and I’m Edmonton’s (and area) Professional Organizer.

‚ÄčMany people ask me just what do I organize.

Your home, your pantry, your papers...just about anything IN your home that drives you crazy.

 I'm so excited to be entering my 14th year of organizing, although I have been organizing all my life.  I come from an organized home with a clean, resourceful, organized Mother.  I think even my DNA looks more organized than normal. Is this possible?   


Hear What My Clients Are Saying...

I no longer struggle with getting up early

"Stephanie was instrumental in helping me get my kitchen and bathroom toiletries in shape for stress free morning routines and meal preparation. She also shared key tips and tools for tackling other areas of clutter. I now have a home office that I love spending time in, a space that energizes me for accomplishing my goals and provides a place to relax and think. As an added bonus, I no longer struggle with getting up early, a challenge which I've tried to overcome for many years now as I am not a morning person!"


Edmonton, AB

I could not have done this without Stephanie’s professional help.

"Highly recommend Stephanie when you need to declutter. My wife passed away a couple years ago, and I had no idea what to do with all the fine china. Stephanie did an evaluation and found some antique buyers. She then came back, packed up all the china, disposed of it, and I made a healthy profit. I could not have done this without Stephanie’s professional help.

Thank you Stephanie."


Money well spent

"Stephanie, Thank you so much for your help this past Saturday. It is such a great feeling to have my den/storage room organized again. With two young children this space just got out of control... it is sparkling cleaning and a high functioning room once more. Money well spent"


Edmonton, AB

Couldn't have done it without you...

"I have not had a chance to thank you again for all your help! It was insane, my house! So thankful to have hired you to go through all this with me! Thank you!!!"


Spruce Grove, AB

Cares about our community

"Stephanie is amazing. She is kind, knowledgeable and cares about our community. We started with my garage and then to the storage room. Now we are going room to room organizing. She takes everything I no longer want or need and gives a home to things that have value and disposes of things that don't in a responsible way.

I not longer feel paralyzed by my clutter and enjoy moving about my home and seeing order!!!"


Edmonton, AB

Love my new space!

"Stephanie was able to make my shoulders drop down and allow me to take a deep breathe whilst I walk by my office. Every time I would walk past, (multiple times a day), I would think of all my to do’s. The sorting and organizing just so I could sit at my office desk and focus on the must do’s now.

It has been a relief and motivator to complete a another project in the house to feel even Lighter and more focused!

Thank you Stephanie for your discernment - dedication - inspiration and efficiency! Love my new space!"


Lifesaver for a dayhome provider

"Stephanie was a joy to have in my home. I had her organize my pantry, Tupperware cupboard, bathroom vanity and linen closet. As a busy mom and dayhome provider this has been a lifesaver and has saved so much time, money (I can now see everything and am not buying things I already have "somewhere") and stress. Not only did she do a fantastic job but the way she organized has been easy to keep up with even with my busy lifestyle. I highly recommend her if you are looking to make your life easier by having your space organized. I know as soon as I have my basement finished I will be having her back in to organize my craft room/office."


Edmonton, AB

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